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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Special Need​s eLearning

Autism eLearning​​​

​​As part of the Qatar Vision 2030 and National Health Strategy 2022 The National ​Autism Plan vision for "individuals on the spectrum have the right ,now and in the future to recieve the right care and support and to have the same opportonities as their peers, within a society that accepts them".

We are proud to announce the launch of the National Autism eLearning website which is one of its kind in the world developed by Ministry of Public Health in collaboration​ with its partners in the National Autism Plan who are Alshafallah center for people with disability, Qatar Foundation, Qatar Autism Society and Hamad Medical Corporation.This website is developed to provide the parents and care givers with all the adequate recourses in guiding the education and development of a child or an adult on the autism ​spectrum.

We value all the special needs children and want them to thrive in the changing environment we are currently facing. We hope, with all your support, we can build a network to provide all families in our community with the UpToDate publications regarding Autism and (other) special needs, video and interface peer to peer support we can make the lives of the individuals on the Autism spectrum to reach their aspired potential and much more.


Regarding the current pandemic, we have provided information which can be of help for our targeted parents and more information related to COVID-19 will be added in on regular bases.


With the love and dedication of all our partners and our mission to uphold the values we share for the future of our dear children and adults on the spectrum; we welcome you and look forward to growing together and making Qatar a well-equipped state to flourish every different child potential.​​

Dr Noof 
Dr.Noof Mohammed Al Siddiqi
Health Lead- National Autism Plan in MoPH​​​​​​​

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