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​​​​​​Contact Information​

For any queries, email to the below contacts :

Fatima Mustafa  
Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC)

Ms. Fatima Mustafa
Assistant director pediatric rehabilitation

Housam Jalal  
Alshafallah Center for Special Needs

Mr. Housam Jalal
Occupational therapist lead at Alshafallah center

Samantha Gibson  
Qatar Foundation (QF)

Ms. Samantha Gibson
Autism Specialist the learning center QF

Mousa Mohammed  
Qatar Autism Society

Mr. Mousa Mohammed
Consultant and Program Head
email: ​​​​

Lara Murei Saranek  ​
Primary health Care Corporation(PHCC)

Lara Murei Saranek
Clinical Affairs Coordinator

Fayas Mukthar  ​​
SIDRA Medicine

Fayas Mukthar
Practice Manager
email: ​​​​



Contact Information

For any queries , please visit the Contact us page : Click here